ENGLISH – University of Copenhagen

The Department of Large Animal Sciences is a part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. The Department’s Large Animal Teaching Hospital and its 4 sections hold key positions in many of the faculty activities.


The Department carries out research in animal and veterinary sciences. The research covers a broad spectrum and ranges right from the molecular level, the individual animals and to herds populations

Centers and Collaborations

The Department has some Centers focusing on e.g. pig and cattle production and has joined research partnerships with other universities, organizations, authorities and commercial enterprises at home and abroad

Large Animal Teaching Hospital

The hospital provides the framework for the education and training of veterinari-ans and includes a highly specialized equine hospital, a large animal mobile clinic, and modern educational operating theatres


The education of future veterinarians and veterinary researchers is a key element in the function of the department and the department employs many experts and offers state of the art facilities