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About the Department

The Department of Large Animal Sciences consists of 5 sections, which each have their own areas of focus: 

  • Medicine and Surgery 
  • Production and Health 
  • Animal Welfare and Disease Control
  • Reproduction and Obstetrics 
  • Large Animal Teaching Hospital 

Research and research based teaching 

The department’s primary mission is research and training in health and disease management in production animals and horses. We train specialists in various veterinary medical specialties and in addition, we are active in the training of veterinarians in Denmark. 

Veterinarians and Animal Scientists

All veterinary students eventually participates in courses at the department, which also actively participate in the training of animal scientists while simultaneously shaping the future of livestock science training

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Department of Large Animal Science has a key role in many collaborations with other Danish and foreign universities, including a significant proportion of the university's U-country projects. 

Business Partnerships

Innovative research and knowledge contributes Institute in cooperation with industry, both nationally and internationally. The Department is also an active partner in the investigation and the debate on animal ethics.

The Department has been subject to considerable development in recent years. Our sections are in a favorable research development. We attract considerable research and has constantly a large number of PhD students from both home and abroad. 

Large Animal Teaching Hospital

The hospital's primary purpose is to serve as a teaching hospital, while it retains its integrity as a hospital. Modern facilities for the examination and processing of large livestock, ensure patients and clients the best possible diagnosis, treatment and care.

Hospital patients are mainly referred from veterinarians or from the hospital's own exiting practice consisting of experienced veterinarians and three veterinary students. Around the clock will attend to the horses, cows and small ruminants in Copenhagen Suburbs. The Department of Large Animal Sciences is a part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. The Department’s Large Animal Teaching Hospital and our other 4 sections hold key positions in many of the faculty activities.

Contact Information

Department of Animal Sciences
Department Secretariat
Højbakkegård Allé 5
DK-2630 Taastrup
Phone +45 353 32938 (daily between the hours. 10-14)
Fax +45 353 32944
Email: iph@sund.ku.dk

Electronic invoicing:

IPH's EAN Code: 5790000294190
The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences - CVR-number/SE-number: 29 97 98 12