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The Institute carries out research in animal and veterinary sciences. The research ranges from the molecular level to the individual animals and herds populations.

The Institute has a Research Committee, which prepared the report "Research Status 2012 & Research Self-evaluation". The report describes the Institute's professionals and their research, including some bibliometric data and briefly describes the history of the department and the veterinary school.

  •  Medicine & Surgery

     The research group dealing with basic as
     well as applied research in medical and sur-
     gical diseases and health of large animals,
     ie horses, cattle, sheep, goat and pig
  •  Production & Health

     The core areas include research on the pro-
     duction and health of livestock and a key
     objective of the Section is to increase co-
     operation between the veterinary and
     agronomy partial disciplines
  •  Animal Welfare & Disease

     Integrated research in ethology, epidemio-
     logy, animal breeding, quantitative gene-
     tics, systems biology and bioethics
     motivates group interdisciplinary research
     in disease control and animal welfare and
     animal production efficiency 
  •  Veterinary Reproduction &

     Reproductive, obstetric and reproductive
     biotechnology in small and large animals.
     Normal and pathological conditions asso-
     ciated with fertility and birth
  •  Large Animal Teaching Hospital

     Contributes to recognize and apply new
     knowledge for the benefit of health, treat-
     ment and control of diseases through the
     systematic recording of all patient data so
     they can be used in clinical research